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Concoyle™ Oilfield Tools is committed to keeping up with the 21st century, utilizing today’s advanced technological capabilities to save, and service, the gas industry customers of today. Our Concoyle tools are actively running in Marcellus Vertical wells throughout the play. The tools are running at a depth of 7200 feet lifting 10-20 barrels of salt water per cycle. See one in action and watch the video on the gallery page.

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Production Device

The Concoyle™ Production Tool is a highly efficient liquid lifting tool that runs in the well casing. It produces liquid from gas solution resevoirs, with minimal gas volumes and low pressure differentials.

Reduced operating pressures in existing wells have been proven to dramatically increase production and extend the life of marginal wells, with very little investment.

Because it is entirely self-contained within the well casing, the Concoyle™ Production Tool eliminates the need for tubing, pumpjacks, rods and pumps, plunger lifts, fuel, motors and electricity.

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