Our Products: Production Device

The Concoyle™ Production Tool produces liquid from gas solution reservoirs with minimal gas volumes and low pressure differentials. Reduced operating pressures in existing wells have been proven to dramatically increase production and extend the life of marginal wells with very little investment.

Because it is entirely self-contained TM within the well casing, the Concoyle Production Tool eliminates the need for tubing, pumpjacks, rods and pumps, plunger lifts, fuel, motors and electricity. This means:
  • Reduced capital investment
  • Lower operating costs
  • Lower maintenance costs, and
  • reduced well-tending time.

Concoyle Production Device
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How It Works

The ConCoyleTM Production Tool consists of an elongated barrel with external seals and an internal flow passage, which houses a valve and an actuating rod that protrudes from both ends of the tool.

During the run cycle, the tool is dropped from the wellhead and allowed to fall within the production casing. The velocity of the fall is moderated by rubber seals between the tool and the casing, and the size of the openings which allow fluids to flow through the internal chamber.

The tool descends through the gas, oil and water in the production casing with the internal valve open, until reaching the bottom hole tripping device which is set above the perforations.

When the tool reaches the tripping device, the actuating rod closes the internal valve of the tool and locks it in the closed position.

When the internal valve is closed, the tool forms a seal that traps the lifting force of the producing formation beneath the tool.

The gas pressure gradually increases beneath the tool, which forces the tool and the column of liquid above it to rise upwards through the production casing.

When the tool reaches the surface, the actuating rod opens the internal valve and locks it in position. The tool is held in the wellhead by the latch. The gas trapped below the tool flows through the barrel and out the safety choke to the separator.

Increases Production

The Concoyle™ Production Tool operates at much lower pressures than alternative methods of production. With lower operating pressures, the producing formation will release more natural gas, oil and water. This generation of additional revenue will pay for the low installation cost very quickly.

In fact, it is not uncommon to experience gas production increases of 300 to 400% and liquid production to double.

Eliminates Waste

  • Natural Gas: There is no loss of gas as experienced with swabbing or bypassing to the production tank during plunger lift or tubing operations.
  • Capital: The investment cost is significantly lower than a pumpjack or plunger installation.
  • Time: Well tending time is greatly reduced utilizing the ConcoyleTM Production Tool.
  • Fuel: There is no requirement for natural gas or electricity to operate the tool.